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Discover the Island of Elba with its history, beautiful scenery and hidden bays.
For those who are seeking to make the most of their weekend on a sailboat, sailing from Punta Ala to Elba Island should be a top priority! Its coasts are, in fact, reached in no more than three hours, offering shelter from the prevailing winds and allowing you to completely relax. The island offers you the opportunity to organize your sailing holiday in a tranquil environment, with secluded coves and bays which remain  wild and uncrowded even in the high season.  Elba is a place where there is plenty of fun to be had, with a good choice of restaurants and nightclubs, especially in the area of Marina di Campo.
We recommend the Giannino restaurant for excellent live music performed by top bands and presented by well – known DJs.
There is another excellent restaurant Scaraboci of Marciana Marina which is famous for its excellent fish and particularly welcoming atmosphere.
It boasts a private terrace which can be booked for a group of friends or for a whole family!
The island of Elba is warm but windy and there are many types of beaches located along its 147 km of coastline.
The beaches of Marina di Campo, Cavoli, Lacona, Seccheto and St. Andrew are white sand beaches with smooth granite rocks and are situated in the west .
In the south and north-west, beaches such as as Procchio Biodola, Lacona and Lido di Capoliveri have golden sand.
The white pebble beaches of The Gravel, Cape Blanc and Samson lie on the west coast of Portoferraio, where the sea is exceptionally clear.
Finally, Terranera and Topinetti on the east coast have sand containing iron ore.

Our suggestions:

Elba tour

Fri: Punta Ala-Porto Azzurro (14 nm)

Sat: Porto Azzurro-Marciana Marina (25 nm)

Sun: Marciana Marina-Punta Ala (25 nm)
Elba e Capraia

Fri: Punta Ala-Portoferraio (20 nm)

sat: Portoferraio-Capraia (25 nm)

Sun: Capraia-Punta Ala (41 nm)
Giglio e Giannutri

Fri: Punta Ala-Giglio Porto (28 nm)

Sat: Giglio Porto-Giannutri (10 nm)

Sun: Giannutri-Punta Ala (37 nm)

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